The quintessential American Restaurant in Manchester

Most people know Henry J beans as a quintessential American bar and grill, presumably created by a rottin’ tootin’ cowboy from Texas but you may be surprised to learn that the first Henry J Beans was opened in London on the extremely fashionable and truly British, Kings Road.

Its unique combination of American entertainment and British quality of service saw its popularity grow and over the next few years it has opened more restaurants in Wimbledon and Manchester where it is housed in the bustling entertainment complex that is The Printworks.

The Printworks is the ideal venue for Henry J Beans, with it eclectic mix of bars, restaurants, live music venues, cinema and gym the complex its extremely popular amongst the Manchester party set, and those who like their entire evening under one roof. Whether you are a filmgoer, party animal or fitness fanatic The Printworks will definitely float your boat.

There are plenty of American Restaurants in Manchester but few are more relaxed and friendly than Henry J Beans. The bar and grill serves exactly what you would expect from an American eatery, with burgers, steaks and hot dogs washed down with your favourite American beers and spirits and for those feeling more adventurous a vast array of specialist cocktails.

As if that wasn’t enough Henry J Beans has its own brand of entertainment, heavily influenced by the great American artists of the 20th Century. Live music and DJ’s create an atmosphere that would make most American’s feel like they were way back home and the music can often be heard raising the rood well past midnight.

So, if your idea of a great night out includes ten gallon hats, blues, burgers and Bourbon then the finest American restaurant in Manchester awaits you at The Printworks


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