Manchester Events, What’s on?

Visiting Manchester

When it comes to planning a day out for the family, group of friends or for the other half, the most stressful thing about the day is normally deciding on what to do. Manchester City Centre has ample choice of venues and places to go visit and really does cater for everybody. There is always something going on with event after event being held somewhere in the city, you just need to find the right event for you, continue to read this article to find out a taster of what’s on offer.

Whats on in Manchester

Manchester offers a lot of entertainment and fun to those of all ages and all preferences. Not to mention some of the best bands in history. Manchester is a huge city with lots to do, whether you are a football fan, music fan or just likes to relax and go shopping. This city is not only home to some of the best and well known football clubs but also to one of the best arenas in the country. This article describes some of Manchester’s events. So, what’s on in Manchester?

If you are planning to take your family on a nice break we have something for the adults not just for the children. At the Palace theatre there are a few musicals that will entertain the children. Up until April 13th the Lion King is on. This is a great one for the kids; they all know the story of Lion King. If theatre is not your thing, the 16th and 17th of February there is a Bike and Triathlon show. In this show you will get to see stunt teams and Olympic medallists just to name a few, if or when you get bored of seeing the bikes, in the same place they are also hosting a section for children. This includes mini challenges, games and hands on activities.

There is something for the football fans of course. Manchester is home to the National Football Museum. One of the bonuses with this museum is that it is free admission so you don’t have to break the bank to have fun. This museum houses the Sir Stanley Matthews collection, Football League Collection, The Fifa World Cup collection and many more interesting football artefacts. The National Football Museum also has a whole floor dedicated to hands on family fun and games.

Don’t worry if you prefer to have a nice quiet break there is something for you too. There is the Manchester open bus tour. This bus tour will take you around some of the cities most wonderful landmarks such as the football ground and the town hall, only to mention a few. After you have relaxed and seen some of the cities most wonderful places you can go to one of their great restaurants. Manchester caters to everyone, if you prefer pumping nightlife or rural pubs they have something for you.

Music fan? Get yourself to the world famous Manchester Arena. You can go and watch your favourite singers and performances here. From March this year Manchester arena have some wonderful acts from Alfie Boe to the popular Beyoncé and the world famous Il Divo! Not to mention many more.

There is always something going on in this city, even in the half term. Many of these are free and they are packed with storytelling arts and crafts and woodwork. Manchester is a highly rated city throughout England that you just have to experience; there are no events like Manchester events. So whatever your preference, Manchester has something for you. This is what’s on in Manchester at the moment but things keep changing so keep your eyes and your ears open.


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