Enjoying the Latest Blockbuster at the Odeon Manchester

With cinema an ever-growing industry, the Odeon Manchester is a great place to relax and enjoy yourself, while watching the latest films the industry has to offer. Located on Withy Grove the cinema is in a great spot, with access from anywhere in Manchester.

Choosing one of the many Cinemas in Manchester

popcornThe Odeon Manchester itself is a huge thriving cinema, with a great modern and stylish setting for maximum enjoyment. The cinema is compiled with large number of screens (twenty-three in total), therefore providing a wide range of viewing options to its customers. The largest screen has a maximum seating of four hundred and forty eight! As well as this, the cinema has a wide range of feature, which create amazing and raved about viewing experiences from a great deal of its customers. Provisions for the disabled are also in place to ensure no one has to miss out!

Facilities at Manchester Cinemas

One of the great features about the Odeon Manchester, which has received outstanding reviews, is its IMAX theatre. No matter if you are watching a 2D or IMAX 3D film the quality will be exceptional. The IMAX theatre allows customers to be thrown into the action while in the comfort of their seats. The Odeon Manchester’s IMAX theatre is their biggest with a huge ceiling to floor screen showing amazingly sharp images for an out of this world experience. Along with the screen comes immaculate surround sounds! The system contains laser-aligned loudspeakers, so no matter where about in the IMAX you decide to sit your experience will always be great. As well as these great features, the actual design of their auditorium is completely immersive giving customers the ultimate viewing experience. A great selection of snacks, hot foods and drinks are also available for purchase, with two cafes providing seating.

Another great feature that the Odeon Manchester offers is 3D screenings. Once again with clear images and surround sound, the 3D images will just pop out right in front of you taking you into the digital world. They even give you comfortable 3D glasses which fit every customer aged three and over, even if they have glasses! Even better you can save your 3D glasses after the film and use them again and again every time you go back to the Odeon Manchester.

Furthermore if customers are over eighteen years of age, they can chill out in the Gallery Bar as they wait for the film to start. The great things about this exclusive area is that unlimited soft drinks are available, along with sweet or salted popcorn, nachos with cheese, chilli peppers and tasty salsa. Although tickets for the gallery are more expensive, customers are treated to wide seat spacing and fold down tables to enjoy their food and drink during their viewing experience.

Tickets can be purchased from kiosks at the venue or simply rebooked online. Pricing is clear with the purchase of super saver tickets starting from £4.70 for child tickets. Upgrades such as premier seating can also be added to just add to the experience.

The Odeon Manchester is packed full of unique and quality features making it a great place to watch the film of your choice. There is also the added benefit of the cinema being a close distance to a large number of restaurants in Manchester, making it easy for you, your family or group of friends to grab a bite to eat after watching the latest blockbuster.


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