Go To The Cinema Often? Have You Become An Odeon Premiere Club Member Yet?

Getting The Most Out Of A Manchester Cinema

cin2Many people these days enjoy an outing to their local cinema, not only can they relax and enjoy a movie, they can also experience a whole new movie experience! Advancements in cinema technology, including sounds and pictures have really transformed the way we watch movies today. Cinemas now offer both 2D and 3D and the newly introduced Imax viewing. So with a better experience to be had at cinemas, people are going more often. Increased visits to cinemas can be an expensive activity, which is why a number of cinemas are offering special offers for frequent visitors. One of these cinemas chains includes Odeon, who have their Odeon Premiere Club. Here is a little bit more information…

The Perks Of Being An Odeon Premiere Club Member…

Do you frequent the Manchester cinema on a weekly or monthly basis? Do you often bring along family and friends? If so how do you feel about saving money on the price of film tickets, soft drinks, and sweets? If you join the Odeon premiere club you can earn purchase points whenever you buy.

To save money with your club card the first thing you need to do is sign up for one. You can ask for a form to fill out from the cinema or you can also sign up online. Once you have your card you must also go online to activate it. Now that your card is active just remember to present it before you make your next purchase, or if you prefer to shop online remember to type in your card number.

When you use your card you will earn 10 points off of every £1 that you spend. This may not seem like a huge savings, and true it may take you a little while to save up enough points to be eligible for a free popcorn, or film ticket, but without joining the Odeon premiere club you would not earn any points at all and you would never be able to earn a free small soft drink or Hot Dog combo, Nachos, etc. There are food combos and special ticket packages, which are eligible for points as well. In other words what do you lose by joining other than a one time fee?

Now if you rarely patronise Manchester cinema then the Odeon premiere club may not be worthwhile to you as there is small fee to become a club member. There are three club packages from which you can choose: the classic package for the small, one time fee of £1.99, and as a token of appreciation and a good omen of things to come you will be granted 100 points, available for your use in three days time.

For a slightly larger fee of £4.99 you can choose the deluxe package and earn your Thank You bonus of 500 points. You can save these points for a larger prize or you can return in three days and ask for your free small soft drink or popcorn.

Finally there is the Ultimate Package, intended for the most frequent Manchester cinema go’ers, this serious program. Get 1,000 Odeon points, for just £9.99 and then come back in three days to see a film for free. You will also be eligible to earn double points on every purchase for your entire first month in the Odeon premiere club.

If these incentives were not enough to convince you that the Odeon card could be beneficial to you there are added benefits, such as access to exclusive contests you can enter to win luxury holidays, film merchandise, and tickets to film premieres. There are also extra point promotions that Odeon runs regularly where you can earn even more points by showing up and buying tickets on certain days of the month.


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