New Years Eve Entertainment in Manchester UK, 2013

New Years Eve Entertainment in ManchesterNew Years Eve brings with it amazing parties and events to mark a memorable experience for everyone. It is considered a tradition to participate in events and ceremonies in order to usher in another new year. However, in the United Kingdom New Years Eve events are done a little bit different from other countries, and the city of Manchester is a prime example.

New Years Eve Entertainment in Manchester can be found in a number of venues across the city. These events promise to be precious and unforgettable because of the amazing, glorious and vibrant arrangements and decorations. This is the best chance to spend quality time with the family and friends, because the time spent together with family and friends is priceless.

Manchester offers people a bustling and cheerful experience because it attracts a mixture of local and foreign visitors. The city centre attracts guests because of its vigorous lights along the Oxford Street. The main attraction in the city is the nightlife of the Canal Street, which engulfs the entire city with a festive spirit. The city also has amazing bars, restaurants and pubs to entertainments all sorts of people. The following are the New Years Eve 2013 events in Manchester UK.

Best Party Clubs in Manchester1. New Years Eve party with DJ Stu Richards

This will take place at the black dog ballroom Northern Quarter. It will have the best pasty vibe set up, great music and most important the black dog crowd. Dj Stu will be playing blend of funk, disco and a little reggae and hip-hop for all midnight celebrators.

2. New Year`s Blowout

Manchester`s closest thing to a tropical beach can be found at the Liar`s club tiki bar. This is a favourite place for wild night`s out, inflamed cocktails and fire shows. The Liar`s club is planning a memorable blow out for all.

3. Gorilla`s New Year Feast

This will be a spectacular evening of exquisite dining accompanied with drinking and dancing to usher in the New Year. At the beginning of the feast there will be a cocktail reception and canapés after which there will be an amazing dining meal for all. After the meals there will be dancing and music by Gorilla DJs playing hip hop, Motown as well as rock and roll all night.

4. Hacienda New Year with Frankie Knuckles and Todd Terry

The Albert hall will host the New Year party with house music legends like Frankie Knuckles and Todd Terry to show the country why Manchester is a clubbing venue for all. There will also be the old hacienda favourites to support and make the party a night to remember.

5. New Year event with Rob Ellis and Andi Durrant

TigerTiger is considered to be one of the best party clubs in Manchester. Andi Durrant and Rob Ellis are the two best Capital FM` DJs. They will tune up the party with best party anthems of 2013.

6. The Great Gatsby 24 hours New Year Party

This party will be hosted at The Liquor Store in Deansgate. It will feature the 1920s party theme since it will entail party antics such as live rock and roll pianist, eat exquisite canapés and drink luxurious cocktails.

7. New Year Party at the Violet Hour

The Violet Hour is located in West Didsbury. It will offer cocktails, pork sandwich and live music throughout the night. The Violet Hour is the best venue for the sumptuous English cuisines especially for the local Manchester residents.


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